What Saruman Was Really Doing

From a rec.arts.books.tolkien posting by Warren Chang <wchang-aaaaaaat-fir-dawt-fbc.com>, originally titled "ENOUGH of the GANDALF BULLSH*T!!!!". Dated 12 December 1996.

A recent poster writes:

I never knew that they [the Blue Wizards] travelled with Saruman. That's interesting. Is it possible that Saruman led them astray so that he could easier control the remaining Istari?
No, it isn't. Stop spreading lies about Saruman! It's bad enough the spin doctors led by Galadriel and Gandalf completely rewrote the real history of the War of the Ring.

Pay attention, for here is the TRUTH!!!

So stop bashing Saruman, and stop jocking GANDOLT!!

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I always did think the Lord of the Rings was a little one-sided...