Yes! I would like to make a cash contribution to the Tolkien Art Museum.

I believe in the importance of the Arts in our community, and I have a lot of money I don't really need. Please accept my kind contribution to the Tolkien Art Gallery. I understand that my cash donation is completely tax-deductible unless I get caught. All proceeds will be used to benefit the Tolkien Art Museum, unless the museum curators spend the money someplace else.

I hereby pledge my contribution of:

A lot

Remember, once you've selected a pledge you can't take it back.

The Tolkien Art Museum thanks you for your generosity! Our collection agents will be in contact with you shortly. And remember: for every thousand dollars you send above and beyond your original pledge, we'll mail you a free kitchen utensil! Through this exclusive offer, you'll have a complete set of cutlery in no time!

Exhibits displayed in the Tolkien Art Gallery are:

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If you really do have that much money to give away, feel free to e-mail me.