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Shakespeare's Othello

Chance Plays No Part
In This Game Of Racial Hatred.

Wihin the war and political intrigue of 16th century Venice, two adversaries face off against one another: one the noble Moor Othello, the other his treacherous servant Iago. At stake: the sanity of the Moor and the life of his beautiful wife Desdemona. Who will be victorious? In the exciting strategy game of Othello, chance plays no part; the game's outcome is decided only by the cunning of you and your opponent. As Iago, you manipulate your many pawns to plot Othello's destruction. As Othello, you try to stop yourself from being ensnared in Iago's webs of deceit. Who will survive this terrible match? Only you can provide the answer by playing Shakespeare's masterful game of prejudice and duplicity!

Game includes board, strategy guide, Iago, Othello, Desdemona (and pillow), and thirty innocent Pawns. Replacement Desdemonas sold seperately.

The Lord Of The Rings Board Game

Based On J. R. R. Tolkien's Classic Trilogy.
Now Updated To Its Second Edition!

Really! It's not a fraud! After being deluged by requests from rabid Tolkien fans, Melkor-Bradley is now re-releasing this classic board game in spite of the many cease-and-desist warnings sent to us by the Tolkien Estate. In this epic game you set out from Rivendell and journey across the enchanted lands of Middle-earth to challenge the might of the evil Sauron. (Sauron himself acted as a technical advisor to insure this game's historical accuracy!) Can you free the kingdoms of Gondor and Rohan from disaster? Can you defeat Sauron and his many allies? Or will you succumb to the evil of the One Ring and fall into death and darkness? Hurry and order this all-time classic before the attorneys and fraud investigators catch up with us again!

Game includes board, die, seven game markers, deck of 72 plot complication cards, two pads of checklists, and Dead marker. History of Middle-Earth series sold seperately. "Numenor" game expansion kit is no longer available.

Arizona Real Estate

The Best Investment You'll Ever Make
Is Now Available Exclusively Through Melkor-Bradley.

For those who believe in the value of our other fine products, Melkor-Bradley now offers you a rare financial opportunity: the chance to invest in the real-estate markets of the future. Now's the chance to buy sunny, beautiful Arizona real estate while the price is still low! Seize the opportunity that responsible developers refuse to capitalize on! With world population skyrocketing and housing becoming ever harder to find, this land can only increase in value. Melkor-Bradley is honored to be able to offer you the investment opportunity of a lifetime!

Actual real estate may differ from photograph shown. Plots are sized and sold in half-acre increments. All sales subject to availability. In case of prior sale or ownership, your money will not be refunded. Land plots are not guaranteed to be habitable, accessible, or free from liens, quicksand or scorpions.

The Brooklyn Bridge

1,595 Feet Of History!

Designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1964, the Brooklyn Bridge stretches majestically over the East River in New York City connecting the eclectic borough of Brooklyn with the skyscrapered heights of Manhattan. Many have dreamed of owning this legendary landmark in years past, but only now has Melkor-Bradley been able to offer it for sale! Be the first on your block to actually own the Brooklyn Bridge! Hurry, as limited quantities are available.

The Brooklyn Bridge includes two 275-foot towers, 345,000 feet of steel load cable, 270,000 feet of steel reinforcement rods, and 5,244 metric tons of concrete. Additional postage may be required for shipping. Some assembly required.

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