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Welcome to Melkor-Bradley's web site! Here at Melkor-Bradley we've brought education and entertainment together with our remarkable series of board games based on the great works of classic literature. Whether you prefer games of fast-paced action or games of carefully-considered strategy, whether you prefer the epic qualities of Tolstoy or the relentless character studies of Shakespeare, Melkor-Bradley has exactly what you're looking for!

Jane Eyre's Chutes And Ladders

A Game For The Whole Family!

At last, the game that takes you to the great mansions and deserted moors of Charlotte Bronte's literary masterpiece! Jane Eyre's Chutes And Ladders is a wonderful game for all ages, a game that will teach youngsters all about loneliness, depression and the dangers of religious hypocrisy. Will you be the first to solve the mystery of Thornfield? Can you escape the horrors of Lowood and the claustrophobic memories of the Red Room? Excitement, romance and angst all await you in this exciting game!

Game includes board, spinner, four player markers, the Reed household, Lowood, the Thornfield mansion, the village of Morton, chestnut tree, deck of 20 Red Room cards, and deck of 20 Psychic Revelation cards. Edward Rochester's horse sold seperately.

Clue II: Masque of the Red Death

Finding The Murderer Is The Easy Part.
The Challenge Is Getting Out Alive.

In this long-awaited sequal to Parker Brothers' game of Clue, Masque of the Red Death takes you inside the elegant mansions of Edgar Allan Poe's decadent aristocrat, Prince Prospero. At the height of the Prince's great masquerade, Prospero is struck down in a death of supreme horror. Only an empty costume remains with the corpse. Was the murder done by Colonel Mustard, in the Blue Room, with the candlestick? Or was it the Red Death in a nightmarish retribution for Prospero's prideful, uncaring decadence? Can you solve the mystery and escape the accursed mansion before the Red Death claims you all?

Game includes board, die, six game markers, deck of 25 clue cards, solution envelope, six weapon tokens, two pads of tally sheets, and vial of the Red Death virus (not shown). "Clue" is a registered trademark of Parker Brothers.

Anna Kareninanopoly

Based On The Epic Novel By Tolstoy!
Melkor-Bradley's Most Well-Known Game!

Be a part of the epic story of Tsarist Russia! In this classic board game, you and up to six other players compete to obtain the most influential lands, professions, philosophies and lovers. Mortgage your principles and build emotional investments! Shape your future happiness or tear down the happiness of others! Will you be the first to reject the deceit and illusion of material wealth and exchange your emotional investments for true Enlightenment? Or will you fail and throw yourself under the wheels of the Nizhny Line Railroad in despair? Find out all this and more by playing this all-time board-game classic!

Game includes board, dice, seven game markers, deck of 16 Chance cards, deck of 16 Landau the Frenchman cards, sixteen Enlightenment tokens, one Cad marker, twenty-two Deeds of Fate, 15,140 rubles, 32 Emotional Investments and 12 Motels. Apologies to Charles B. Darrow. Any resemblance to other well-known, internationally-famous, copyright-protected board games is obviously just a coincidence.

Moby Dick: Ahab's Challenge

Challenge the Great White Whale And
The Nature Of Man's Obsessions!

It is the third day of the chase. The Parsee is dead and drowned, yet his prophecy hangs over the Pequod like a curse. The final battle between Ahab and the leviathan of the deep is soon to take place. Only one shall survive to tell the tale. Will it be you? Melkor-Bradley is proud to present this game of nautical tactics, survival and philosophy based on Herman Melville's classic novel of the sea! Strive to be nonjudgemental and to accept all men as brothers before you are yourself brought to judgement in the shark-infested waters of the Pacific! Will you be the sole survivor? Or will Ahab's mad quest for vengeance claim you as yet another victim?

Game includes board, movement die, the Pequod, three whale-boats, twenty-two crewmembers, one Ahab and deck of fifteen Ahab cards, one Whale and deck of fifteen Whale cards, five position markers, shark die, and thirty-nine destruction markers. Queequeg's coffin sold seperately.

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