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Melkor Bauglir, fondly known to his employees as The Dark Enemy of The World, was one of the Powers created by Ilúvatar in the Void that existed before the creation of Eä. Among Melkor's many accomplishments are the disruption of the Great Music, the creation of discord and the fear of darkness. His destruction of the Two Trees of Valinor, his theft of the holy Silmarils, and the corruption of Sauron from Aule's service stand as some of his legendary later accomplishments. After a brief hiatus beyond the Gates of the World, Melkor returned to become co-founder of the Melkor-Bradley game company. Among his many dedicated supporters are Sauron, Ungoliant, Asmodeus, Cthulhu, and Ronald Reagan.

Omar Bradley was born in Clark, Montana, on February 12, 1893. As a young man he enrolled in the United States Military Academy, where he excelled in his studies and began a career in the U.S. Army which was to last for over sixty-nine years. Having served at several posts during and after World War I, Bradley went on to succeed General Patton as commander of the Second Army Corps in World War II. Later on, he was to command the U.S. ground forces which were instrumental in the invasion and liberation of occupied France. Bradley became chief of staff of the U.S. Army in 1948, and went on to become the first chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1949. His knowledge of tactics, strategy and healthy competition have been put to good use here at Melkor-Bradley, and the usage of his good name has enabled us to somewhat legitimize our operations and obtain needed venture capital which would otherwise have been hopelessly unavailable. General Bradley's input and experience is still well-respected and welcomed by our firm even though he's been dead since 1981.

Founded in 1989, Our Company is located in the heart of Los Angeles at the corner of East Hoover Street and M'gllhfdaqqh Avenue. We employ over 200 full-time employees, 83 part-time positions and 2,844 mindless gibbering slaves. We're always looking for more bright young employees to join our ranks! If you think you'd be interested in working for a progressive, go-ahead employer, drop by our business offices and ask for an application. You'll be surprised at the opportunities you'll find waiting!

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