Not-Terribly-Useful Personal Information

I suppose I could do the same thing that everybody else does when they post an "about-the-author" page on the Web: tell you when I was born, what I do for a living, maybe even post my resume, and like that. But I don't particularly feel like being so direct.

So instead of my simply telling you who I am, I'll let you figure it out for yourself.

Since you probably came here by way of the home page, I suspect you've already gathered a few clues. If you feel a desire to fill in a few of the blanks, here's some miscellanious pieces of information which may or may not help:

(Photo #1) (Photo #2) (Photo #3) (Photo #4) (Photo #5) (Photo #6)
Quick! Guess which one is me!

But a new question arises from all this, which is this: now that you've found out all about me, who the hell are you? If all this stuff strikes a chord with you, perhaps you might want to send me an e-mail and say hi.

It's always nice to know when somebody has persevered and actually read all of this stuff, too. :)

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