The thrilling and long-awaited conclusion to:

He-Man: King In Exile

Someone e-mailed me recently and asked why I hadn't yet given some sort of thrilling and exciting conclusion to "He-Man: King In Exile". The answer, simply put, is that I hadn't really given it any thought before then.

Now, however, I've got an ending.

I suppose the grand finale of the series might involve... oh, say... a mysterious cloaked woman who, over a handful of episodes, might be seen slowly mounting an underground resistance movement to Skeletor's evil government. Towards the end, this mysterious figure meets He-Man and describes a plan which is certain to free Eternia from the grip of Skeletor for all time. She tells him that she is going to Greyskull to gain Sorceress Teela's aid for the Eternian revolution. But to gain Teela's trust, she must bring something to prove her good faith... He-Man, in chains.

For the good of Eternia and the survival of the resistance, He-Man agrees to surrender himself for the greater cause.

Inside Greyskull, bound in power chains, He-Man is handed over to Teela. Before Teela can banish him to interdimensional exile, however, the mysterious figure pleads for him to be given another chance... and then removes her cloak to reveal that she is, in fact, the former Queen, Marlena! At last Teela understands all that has taken place, and with new hope she frees our hero from his bonds. He-Man reforges the Sword of Power in Greyskull's furnaces, becomes King Adam once more, and - with the help of Teela, Marlena, Evil-lyn and Battle-Cat - leads the final massive attack on Castle Eternia which routs Skeletor from the throne and restores a free Eternia once again.

For an encore, Adam and Evil-lyn are drawn together as a result of their long struggles against Skeletor's domain. They marry. After a year passes, Queen Evil-lyn once more succumbs to the dark side of her nature. She has King Adam secretly imprisoned, replaces him with a disguised Merman, and secretly runs the government herself using Merman as her puppet. Cringer alone learns the truth and escapes, carrying the Sword of Power in his mouth as he runs to the wilderness. Later he changes himself into Battle-Cat and tries to convince Eternia of the truth. Hardly anybody believes him. The whole situation starts all over again. Yet another animated TV series begins. This one is entitled:

Battle-Cat: Quest for the Truth!

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