Casting for the Animated Lord of the Rings Movie

Derived from postings to rec.arts.books.tolkien by @#$%!?! <smryan-aaaaaaat-netcom-dawt-com>, <ohh-aaaaaaat-netcom-dawt-com>, and BThompson <> from 31 July 1995 onward.

...One of the ever-present "who-to-cast-for-the-movie" threads on rec.arts.books.tolkien took an unexpected spin when @#$%!?! discussed combining live action with animation, and then went on to suggest using Babs and Buster Bunny as Eowyn and Eomer, with Bugs as their uncle Theoden. Bill Thompson and I jumped on the idea, and by the time the three of us were finished with it the casting was moving in this kind of direction:

GandalfMr. Peabody
AragornDaffy Duck (though Popeye was strongly considered)
Arweneither Olive Oyl, Jessica Rabbit, or Minnie Mouse
BoromirBrutus (a.k.a. "Bluto" in the old Dave Fleischer cartoons)
GimliYosemite Sam
LegolasSpeed Racer
BilboMr. Magoo
FrodoBart Simpson (though Mickey Mouse was also a likely candidate)
SamHadji from "Jonny Quest"
Merry and PippinHeckle and Jeckle
Tom Bombadileither Ren, or Stimpy
GoldberryNell Fenwick from "Dudley Do-Right"
ButterburHomer Simpson
ElrondDoctor Quest
GlorfindelRace Bannon
Celeborn and GaladrielBoris Badenov and Natasha Fatale
SarumanEvil-lyn (a slight departure from traditional casting, but I think it works)
The BalrogThe Tazmanian Devil
Shagrat and GorbagBeavis and Butthead
Chief Ringwraith (a.k.a.
the Witch-king of Angmar)
Snidely Whiplash
The Other RingwraithsThe Smurfs
Eowyn and EomerBabs and Buster Bunny (though Nell Fenwick was also suggested for Eowyn)
TheodenBugs Bunny
Dead Men of DunharrowCasper the Friendly Ghost and friends
Grima WormtonguePorky Pig
Denethoreither Inspector Fenwick, or Commander McBragg
FaramirDudley Do-Right
ShadowfaxDudley Do-Right's Horse
ShelobThe Tick (casting against type though it be)
GollumWile E. Coyote

Some time later @#$%!?! took this idea to its penultimate conclusion, and after long painful hours of cleaning up video captures he succeeded in creating a full and complete animated cast for The Lord of the Rings. I recommend it highly, even if the images do take a bit of extra time to download.

The Complete Lord of the Rings Animated Cast!
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I expected Fred Flintstone as Ghân-buri-Ghân, but the final casting proved even better.